Why is My SEO Not Working: 3 Areas for SEO Improvements

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) plays the key role to rank the content while searched by an engine driver like Google. Therefore publishing thousands of content on your website but not getting rank is not going to fulfill your purpose to reach a large audience.

Now, are you thinking about how to increase your rank by publishing SEO-friendly content as your content is not getting rank? Don’t worry, we will discuss in detail how you can improve your website to rank. You can check here about best San Diego SEO company to know more about SEO strategies. Now let’s learn the three major aspects maybe you are getting a low rank for not following:


1. Improve the quality of your Content with Keyword

So, first of all, publish articles only on those topics that are trending nowadays. To know the current trend, the best thing you can do is follow the other website, know about the content your competitors are making, analyze people’s interests, market value, and demand. You can proceed with your interesting and unique content only after considering these factors. Make sure the content is full of information.

Whenever you are creating content, try to incorporate all the practical facts so that people find it helpful after going through it. It will also increase your SEO rank as your content being information-based, Google will choose it leading to the rank. Not only the information-based relevant topics are all you require to rank your website, make a good research of the keywords.

As keywords are those key factors that filter out your content when people search about it. So the keywords must follow the trend. You need to make sure that your content is not overstuffed with keywords or you are adding keywords unnecessarily in your content. It is not going to increase your SEO rank; rather Google will identify your content as overstuffed and won’t allow it to rank.

It will also leave a negative impact on your reader’s mind due to too much usage of keywords. So, to avoid this, you must use the keywords throughout your whole content evenly and relevantly instead of using them frequently. Frequent usage seems odd and the keywords lose their importance. As a website owner, you should also keep in mind that the articles you are posting are not duplicated.

If Google finds your content a rephrased one from another web site’s content, your content is not going to rank. So be careful whenever you publish, ensure that your content is a unique one. Even if you publish quite similar content to other content of your own website, it also won’t rank as Google can’t choose one among two similar content. That’s why you need to keep in mind these factors if you want to improve your content.

2. Improve the off-page SEO rank

So, finally, when you know how to improve your content quality, it’s time to validate your content. Yes, until your content is accepted by the other websites, it is not effective to rank. So, if you want your content to rank, consider the different types of links that are used to improve the SEO.

Back-links are necessary as it allows your readers to go to another website from your content. It builds faith in your website among the readers. They find your articles informative as you have shared the link of the relevant content complementary to your content. Make sure that your content is good enough that other websites feel fine incorporating the link to your content.

It also helps to improve the SEO for your website. You must incorporate the internal links in your content so that your readers can know about the topics of your articles on which you share your thoughts, or on which particular products you make people aware about. It will boost your SEO rank effectively.

3. Improve technical SEO and wait for the result

Though you are ready with your creative content rich with internal and external links, it won’t be effective if your website doesn’t support technical SEO. The loading time of your page, the user interference(UI), and also the graphics design matters most.

It plays a vital role to attract the reader to make them feel interested to read your content. Therefore improve the technical SEO of your website to rank leading to its maximum reachability. To know more about how to improve technical SEO check out the link about best San Diego SEO company.

Last but not least, keep patience, as getting the rank of your website is not an overnight process. It takes a few times to get the reachability of your website as yours is a newly built one.

These are all three major factors you need to keep in mind if you want to improve your SEO rank. For more information regarding SEO strategies check out the link about best San Diego SEO company.

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