How Staff Leasing Works for Your Business

How Staff Leasing Works for Your Business

Your employees are your most valuable resource, as the right people will drive your business to success. However, finding great talent in today’s competitive recruitment market can be a bit of a challenge, which is why most companies partner with a Professional Employer Organization to help with the hunt. Now, …

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Signs that your business needs scheduling software


The feeling you get when your business lifts off and finally starts growing can be extremely rewarding. However, that tends to carry a higher level of responsibility which naturally comes with more obligations. To handle the additional work, you can bring in more people or change how you do things …

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How to Stay Ahead in Business


When you first began your company, you probably had a vision of where you wanted it to go. You may have wanted it to flourish so that you could make a decent living from it or so that you could pass it on to your children and future generations. You …

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Make a Perfect Infographic for Your Business with Effective SEO


Infographics make information visually stunning while seeking to deliver a tremendous amount of information quickly, and their popularity has grown over the years. Today, brands and businesses use infographics to bring more traffic and nurture credibility in general audiences’ eyes. Besides, infographics offer you a terrific method to cover heavy …

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Why Your Business Needs a (New) Website


The internet and its associated capabilities continue to evolve, and businesses should follow that evolution. Before digital platforms were available, businesses and customers interacted through the mail, telephones, faxes, and email. The continuous advancements in technology have provided further innovations to telecommunication platforms. The website is the latest technological evolution …

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Business SMS


Is there anyone out there who hasn’t used SMS? It’s possibly the most prevalent form of communication. With over 65% of the world’s population using SMS, the technology is going strong 28 years after its invention. With its standardized communication protocols to enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages, …

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Was Your Business Ready for COVID-19?


The coronavirus pandemic has affected many businesses worldwide, resulting in many to close in the attempt to reduce losses. Some firms, though, have managed to stay afloat and continue their operations with some alterations with their work setup. Full-time office-based employees suddenly became remote workers as their companies adjusted to …

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How to move your business online in times of crisis


Despite the continuous development of technology in recent years, some businesses still opt for the traditional method of operating in physical premises and having direct contact with their clients and coworkers. However, the crisis we are all witnessing at the moment due to the COVID-19 outbreak has shown clearly that …

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Absenteeism & Presenteeism: Why It Matters to Your Business


Absenteeism and presenteeism are prevalent in businesses of all sizes, in all countries and across all types of industries. Absenteeism might be easier to catch because it’s when employees are physically absent from work, while presenteeism is a bit tricker. Presenteeism happens when employees come to work but they are …

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7 Easy Health and Fitness Tips For Business Travellers


City workers have a hard time trying to keep themselves healthy mentally and physically thanks to their workload, and it’s bound to be tougher for business travellers. Business travellers have to go to different places, including unfamiliar ones, during their work, which can damage their health. Business travellers will first …

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