History of Indoor Air Pollution


The history of indoor air pollution is a story of how human activities and technological advancements have unintentionally led to the degradation of indoor air quality. While people have been exposed to indoor air pollutants for centuries, it is in the modern era that the issue has become more pronounced …

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History Of Coffee


Coffee is one of the world’s most beloved beverages, and it has quite a long history. Over centuries, coffee has spread throughout different parts of the world starting in Ethiopia. It was discovered by a shepherd who observed his goats eating berries from a wild bush and noticed that they …

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A Gift That Inspired History

Gifts That Inspired History

Tinker Hatfield is one of Nike’s most historically impressive shoe designers. He’s known for a variety of shoes and products, but his most impressive by far are the Nike Air Maxes. There’s a lot that went into the design of those pairs of shoes alone, but first it’s important to …

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The History of Translations (Past, Present and Future)


Since ancient times, translation has shown how vital it is in helping people understand and exchange ideas and concepts. Some of the earliest translated works were religious texts. Translators painstakingly did their jobs to ensure that they delivered accurate translation to make ordinary people understand the content and context of …

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History of Printing


Whether you are a student of history, or simply curious about how desktop printing came about, this infographic may help satisfy your curiosity or help shed light on some of your questions. In an age when the world is moving towards being paperless, the impact of print may have been …

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History Of Communication


Office communications in today’s world would be incomplete without an Internet connection, a computer and a smartphone. High speed Internet and SIP trunking, the kinds of business services offered at ThinkTel today, would have been replaced with the telegraph and pneumatic tube networks in the early 1850s. While we might …

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Why and Where People Live Longer

median age

It’s a fact that in certain areas people live longer. For centuries it has been know that Asia has the longest living inhabitants. The question is not only about where, it’s more often ‘why?’ Why in some countries people historically live longer than in other parts of the world. Well, …

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